Mid Carolinas Tres Dias
A Tres Dias Community serving North and South Carolina

What is Mid Carolinas Tres Dias?

In 1944 following the Spanish Civil War, Spain was ripe for spiritual renewal.  Seven Christian laymen including Eduardo Bonnin conceived and directed the formation of a three-day experience called "Cursillo de Christiandad", meaning a short course in Christianity. Bishop Juan Hervas also helped get the movement started in 1949.

From those Spanish roots, it spread to America in the mid-1950's and developed within the church.  Growing from the original Spanish to English in the 1960's, to becoming interdenominational in 1972, Tres Dias ("three days" in Spanish) was begun in the Hudson Valley of New York state.  That original community, Mid Hudson Tres Dias, is still in operation today.

In 1990, through members of the New York communities of Tres Dias and through the help of attendees from other Fourth Day communities living in the greater Charlotte area, the North and South Carolina community of Mid Carolinas Tres Dias was born.  It continues to operate as an interdenominational Christian experience with non-denominational teaching.  It is open to all adults seeking a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.  Christians from all denominations are welcome to attend.

A Tres Dias experience lasts for three consecutive days and is followed by "the Fourth Day" (the rest of life) and therefore is part of the "Fourth Day Movement" throughout the world.  Similar weekends are sponsored by specific denominations, but all are based on the original Cursillo model and must follow the same structure.  Some other Fourth Day communities are Via de Christo (Lutheran), Cursillo (Episcopal), Walk To Emmaus (Methodist), Chrysalis (Methodist Youth) and Kairos (the Fourth Day experience held in prisons).  

Tres Dias is an international ministry with 63 communities within the United States and 24 communities throughout other countries (Ukraine, Bolivia, Russia, Korea, Cuba, Canada, England, Germany, Taiwan, Peru, Jamaica, Japan, Ireland and Denmark).  It is a lay-led ministry supported by ordained clergy. Pastors Corners

Each Tres Dias community is a 501(c)3 non-profit entity and has its own governing body called the Secretariat.  All these communities operate under Tres Dias International and its International Secretariat. 

Below are links to various websites associated with MCTD:
- International Tres Dias is http://tresdias.org/ .
- International Tres Dias Pastor's Corners - https://www.tresdias.org/pastors-corner/
 Brochure for Pastors from Pastors about Tres Dias - Pastors Corners
- Tres Dias International on Facebook is http://www.facebook.com/TresDiasPage .
- MCTD on Facebook is at https://www.facebook.com/mctresdias