Mid Carolinas Tres Dias
A Tres Dias Community serving North and South Carolina

MCTD Calendar of Events 2023 - 2024


**New schedule for MCTD weekends**
We encourage the MCTD community to participate in the NEW Serenade on Saturday nights at Bethel woods. This is a combo invite for both men & women to come out and Serenade the Candidates and Team. Simply put the entire mctd community both men & women are encouraged to come Serenade the weekend folks. 

Seranade times for Men & Womens weekend varie - see below: 
Saturday 9/9 6:30 pm (Mens) - meet at Bethelwood Lodge Office Entrance. 
Saturday 9/16 6:00 pm (Womens) - meet at Horton Hall. 
Bethelwoods Map

Remember - NO SUNDAY AM Mañanita 

We encourage the MCTD community to attend the Weekend Closings. Men's is Sunday 9/10 and the  Women's is Sunday 9/17 at 4pm in Horton Hall. Horton Hall is the 1st building to the right when you enter the Bethelwoods Complex. See map above for location at Bethelwoods.   

Weekend Prayer scroll is now available ONLINE. Sign up for your hour of prayer so we can cover these 72hours on these weekends in prayer.   Men's Prayer Chain    Women's Prayer Chain 

Men's Weekend #56 / Sept 7-10, 2023                       Rector: Bowden Moore                     Women's Weekend #56 / Sept 14-17, 2023               Rector: Angela Roberts

MCTD Weekends are held at
Bethelwood's Camp & Conference Center.
922 W Mt Gallant Road
York, SC 29745 

Secretariat Meeting:

Zoom Secretariat meeting 9/25 7pm to pray & discuss MCTD weekend dates for 2024. All depending on Bethelwood Availability so TBD. 

ZOOM meeting - October 23rd, 2023 @ 7PM
Secretariat attendance is encouraged for all MCTD pescadores. Email us and we'll send you an invite to these ZOOM meetings.  


Our next Sequela will be on  October 14th from 11am-2pm. 

Epiphany Lutheran Church 

2370 West Main St Rock Hill, SC, 29732

GPS directions to Epiphany Multiply Church in Rock Hill SC
Suite 106 is inside the lower entrance to Multiply Church.

Directions & instructions for Bethelwoods Camp: 
922 W Mt Gallant Road, Rock Hill SC 28745.
Bethelwoods Map

Remember to prayfully consider participating in the NEW Serenade
on Saturday 9/9 6:30 pm (Mens) & Saturday 9/16 6:00 pm (Womens)

REMEMBER - NO SUNDAY Mañanita, changed to Saturday night men & womens Serenade

Remember to attend the Closing on Sunday 9/10 (Mens) & Sunday 9/17 (Women)
at 4pm in Horton Hall.
Let's celebrate our new Pescadore's and encourage their Christian walk back in their environments on their 4th day.

Directions to Bethelwoods Retreat Center - 
GPS to 922 W Mt Gallant Road, Rock Hill SC 28745
-OR- look up directions at their website at www.bethelwoods.org
-OR- Take I-77 S out of Charlotte NC. 
Take exit 82B-A-82C toward SC-161/Celanese Rd
Keep right to continue on Exit 82C, follow signs for SC-161 N/York and merge onto SC-161/Celanese Rd
Continue to follow SC-161
Pass by Wells Fargo Bank (on the left in 2.3 mi)
Go approx 7.9 mi and turn left onto State Rte 195/W Mt Gallant Rd/State Rd S-46-195
Go approx 2.0 mi and turn right at Providence Pl
Bethelwoods Camp & Conference Ctr will be on the right

Bethelwoods Map